Ask an RV Pro: 10 Camping Tips That Will Transform Your Travels


camping pros outside their RV

Since buying my Roadtrek years ago, I’ve traveled across the country, roughed it in national forests as well as taken it easy in pricey RV resorts, squeezed into some uncomfortable positions to replace broken fixtures, and learned more than a few lessons my wallet and I will never forget.

My 20-year-old camper van has wheezed up mountain passes, sheltered me from massive thunderstorms, and broken down just feet from the entrance to Mount Rushmore. I wouldn’t change any of it — except maybe for that breakdown — and if I have a spare day or three, you’d better believe I’m racking up even more miles on the odometer.

In my years on the road, I’ve also had the benefit of friends, both old and new, sharing their RV wisdom. The way I see it? Valuable lessons and silly mistakes are often one and the same — but the silly mistakes don’t have to be yours. Take in these 10 tips, and you won’t need to come by the lessons the hard way.

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