Why We Ought to Start Sleeping Without Any Pajamas


Why We Ought to Start Sleeping Without Any Pajamas

People who are most prone to overweight problems are those who sleep less, as they tend to be less active and generally be less healthy, according to this survey. However, as it turns out, taking off your pajamas is one of the easiest ways to avoid all of this.

We discovered that in many unexpected ways you can benefit from sleeping without wearing clothes.

1. It helps you sleep better.

When the body temperature is a little lower, it turns out that we sleep better. Even a slight increase like 1.1 degrees Fahrenheit (0.4 degrees Celsius) can have an effect on the areas of the brain that regulate sleep cycles and, therefore, disrupt our sleep. Obviously, any extra clothing can cause more heat, which is why the best solution is to sleep naked.

2. Protects our skin.

A survey showed that the average length of time people put their pajamas on before washing them was 13 nights for men and 17 nights for women. However, hygiene professionals say that it is not sufficient to protect us from harmful bacteria that often gather. Moreover, it is best to sleep naked, because textiles can contain chemicals that penetrate and irritate our skin.

3. It improves relationships.

Skin-to-skin contact increases the secretion of the “love hormone”, oxytocin, in mothers and their babies, which leads to a stronger bond between them. Because when you sleep without wearing any clothes, then you save more time to touch.
This will help you feel close to your partner. But moreover, as research in Close Encounters claims: Communication in Relationships: “We feel more connected to someone if they touch us.”

4. It prevents weight gain.

Keeping our bodies cooler at night can help us stay thinner. A study shows that cold temperatures increase our calorie-burning capabilities because people who sleep in cooler rooms burn 75 more calories than those who sleep in warmer temperatures. Pajamas sure make you warmer, so it’s best to take them off to prevent gaining extra pounds.

5. It enhances our self-esteem.

One study showed that being naked makes us feel better about our bodies, and that is what helps us feel good about our lives. Of course, the best time to exercise is at night, so try sleeping naked – it can affect your self-image, which generally makes you feel more confident.

The question here is, do you prefer sleeping with or without pajamas? Why?

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