Best Flat Stomach Workouts You Can Do at Home


Each of us dreams of having a toned belly, wearing open dresses and feeling confident. First of all, the appearance depends on the food culture. Healthy and properly cooked food, plenty of clean water, and a slight calorie deficit are the main secret to being lean. Regular exercise helps you burn stored fat faster. 

Below you’ll find a list of great abs exercises, pick a few of these to create your own flat stomach workout. Remember, you should mix up these exercises regularly to keep challenging your body and continue progressing:

For this exercise you will need a Swiss ball. To begin, kneel down with your feet resting on the floor and lean with your forearms on the Swiss ball. Use your forearms to roll the ball in a circular stirring motion while keeping the rest of your body stable. The uneven surface of the Swiss ball makes this exercise good for your core fitness and stability too. Once you feel like you have mastered the technique, try making larger circles with the ball or complete the movement with only your feet resting on the floor. 

This abs exercise will effectively work your internal and external obliques alongside other key abs muscles.

Classic plank

To complete this exercise lie flat on your stomach and place your forearms on the floor. Then, press down with your forearms and push your self up – using your toes as support – until your head, neck, back and legs are all in a straight line.

This is an excellent flat stomach exercise because it strengthens your inner core muscles, upper and lower abdominal muscles and burns more calories in comparison to other abs exercises, such as sit ups. This is because to do the plank you have to engage the muscles in your legs, arms and back too. 



  • we lie on our back, bend our legs at the knees, put our palms on the back of the head. In this case, the elbows should be in sight;
  • on exhalation, with a nod of the head, raise the shoulder blades and around the thoracic region, pulling it up through the neck and crown;
  • we direct our gaze between the thighs, lower our shoulders, stretch our head towards the ceiling;
  • lightly press the lower ribs, lower back, sacrum and feet to the mat to better train the stomach;
  • with the exhalation, we try to pull the navel to the lower back, while inhaling, we go down, but not completely.

Boat Pose

If you want to try a challenging flat stomach exercise you should introduce the boat pose to your workout. Doing this yoga pose regularly will quickly help you reach your goal of a flat stomach. To begin, sit on the floor with bent knees. Lean back slightly and then bring your legs up and straighten them until your body forms a V shape. Your arms should be stretched out and parallel to one another. Keep your palms facing inwards. Remember to engage your abs muscles whilst doing this exercise and keep your stomach relaxed and flat. 

This is a fantastic abs exercise because it targets and strengthens your core muscles and improves balance.     

4-Mountain Climbers

To perform this exercise place both hands on the floor in front of you, about shoulder width apart (as if you are about to complete a push up.) Then using your toes to push off, pull your right leg forward and extend your left leg back. Keep on your toes throughout the exercise, alternating between each leg for the desired number of reps. Your upper body should not move during the exercise.

To increase the difficulty, speed up your steps once you are comfortable with the technique, or you could add extra height using a medicine ball to work the arms and your balance. As well as getting a decent cardiovascular workout when doing Mountain Climbers, you will also work your abs as this exercise requires you to engage your core.

5-Medicine Ball Slam

For this exercise, you will need a non-bouncing medicine ball. Using both hands, lift your medicine ball above your head and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Your knees should be slightly bent. Now, explosively bring the ball down, bending at the waist and throw it at the floor. Try to get into a rhythm so that you can catch the ball once it has hit the floor. During this exercise you should not lose your balance or posture. If you do, it might be because the medicine ball you are using is too heavy.

The medicine ball slam is a total body exercise that strengthens your core stability and will help you to tone up your stomach.

6-Bicycle Crunch

This exercise is a must if you want a flat stomach. To begin the Bicycle crunch, lie on your back. Place your palms beneath your head and lift your legs until they are positioned at a 90-degree angle. Keeping your right hand on your head, twist your body, bringing your right elbow towards your left knee. Alternate your limbs, bringing your left elbow toward your right knee. To get maximum results this exercise should be executed slowly.

The bicycle crunch is a great exercise to include in your flat stomach workout as research has shown that the exercise works all of the major abdominal muscles.


As well as doing abs exercises, if you want a flat stomach you should try to incorporate some cardiovascular exercises into your workout. Although running, cycling and swimming are all excellent forms of cardiovascular training, skipping is useful in this instance because it can be performed indoors with your other abs exercises. Skipping for fitness requires the correct technique: you only need to lift your feet a few centimetres off the ground each time the rope passes and ensure your heels don’t touch the floor. Also, make sure you turn the rope with your wrists, rather than using your whole arms.    

Skipping works your transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis and your inner and outer obliques. It is essential to include cardiovascular training in your flat stomach workout, as it will help you burn calories and lose weight alongside helping you to tone your abs. 

Reverse plank


  • sitting on the rug, put your palms under the shoulders with the elbows back, spread your fingers, bend your arms slightly;
  • we stretch or bend our legs;
  • on exhalation, pushing off with arms and legs, raise the pelvis from the floor as high as possible;
  • squeeze the buttocks at the top point, twist the pelvis, and tighten the stomach to the lower back. We try to stretch the whole body;
  • lower the pelvis to inhale, but not completely.

Seated crunches

Everyone has heard about twisting. It is actually an effective exercise if done correctly. Do you notice that you skip the lower back and lie down immediately on the shoulder blades? This movement is useless. It turns on the back, and, moreover, forcing it not to work, but to strain. 


  • Do not lean back straight.
  • Do not shrink. As you twist your pelvis, try to keep your head in the same place, lengthening the distance between the vertebrae.
  • When going up and down, do not miss a single vertebra.
  • Perform the movement with an emphasis on stretching

Gluteal bridge


  • we lie on our back, put your legs, put your knees and feet at the width of the pelvis;
  • as we exhale, we slightly twist the pelvis and raise it. It is important to maintain traction through the pelvis and knees to one side, and through the crown of the head to the other, so that the lower back flattens and the abdominal muscles work. We control the reduction of the abdomen with each exhalation and relax the chest and ribs;
  • while inhaling, we go down “vertebra by vertebra”. You can increase the load by lifting one leg.

Hip circles

Circles are one of the basic exercises for stabilizing the lower back while moving the legs. An important recommendation is to lower your legs, exhale strongly and turn on the center as actively as possible, this will not allow the lower back to rise higher.


  • Keep your lower back at the same height from the floor (in neutral) throughout the entire exercise.
  • Do not wiggle your head on the floor.
  • Choose the correct amplitude, which is dictated by the capabilities of the center muscles.

Lower your legs until your back remains static.

Side Plank


  • we put the elbow under the shoulder, put the palm in front of us or in the diagonal, straighten the shoulders;
  • the leg that is on top is straightened and put on the mat, the other leg is bent at the knee with an emphasis on the lower leg;
  • to exhale, push ourselves with all the forearm, lower leg, the inner edge of the foot, and raise the pelvis;
  • align the body: we pull the pubic bone mentally to the chest, opening the groin and including the press, pull the sacrum towards the heel, smoothing the lower back;
  • push ourselves up with the forearm and legs from the floor, lengthening the neck and body as a whole. At the same time, the shoulders must be lowered;
  • while inhaling, lower the pelvis closer to the rug, while exhaling, raise it again. You can complicate the task by straightening both legs.

Forearm plank

The exercise is performed according to the same principle as the classic plank. Only now we are focusing on the elbows and forearm as a whole.

Exercise technique

If there is no correct execution technique, there is no result. The abdominal muscles are the main stabilizers of the whole body. And, unfortunately, the weakest part of the body in most women, hence the problems with the back, with joints, with prolapse or prolapse of organs, with urinary incontinence, and so on. Therefore, it is worth working ahead of the curve: train your muscles in advance and not wait for health problems.

A common mistake for beginners is doing the exercise with an isolated load on the abdomen. This approach will not allow you to achieve an elastic press. Fat burning is a holistic process that goes on throughout the body, and at different rates in different areas. Therefore, in training, the back, sides, legs, arms, and stomach work as a whole.

Another mistake is holding your breath. It is important to breathe regularly during exercise. Inhale when you relax the muscles, and exhale when you strain.

And the last mistake is to hurry up and force the result. It is better to sit down ten times slowly and under control, but achieve beautiful forms without harming health than to sit down 30 times quickly and without knowledge of technology, and then complain about lost health and lack of results.

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