Signs Of Liver Damage That Should Not Be Ignored


Itchy Skin and Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Do you have itchiness that doesn’t go away? What about a flaky, scaly rash? Any skin irritation is often the result of lacking fluid flow and toxins remaining in the body. This is manifested as patches of skin that itchy, change color (usually darkening or lightening) in localized sections, and also jaundice.

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This is oftentimes paired with dark circles under the eyes. People might think that the itching and dark circles are caused by allergies, which may be true. Keep in mind that worsening liver damage can result in allergic reactions.

Diagnosing Liver Damage

A malfunctioning liver can be devastating. Whenever you show signs of liver disease, or even just one that has been chronic, you should see a doctor immediately. After all, many people who have liver damage never know until their liver becomes diseased. Do not wait until that happens.

Discovering liver damage is critical to recovery. The faster the issue can be diagnosed, the faster it can be treated. Diagnosis usually happens one of three ways. The first method is a blood test, called liver function tests, which test various chemical levels in the body to determine how healthy the liver is. Other blood tests can then be done to pinpoint specific problems with the organ or any genetic disorders.

Imaging tests, such as MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds, can also be done to find visible damage or deformities on the liver. Lastly, there is a tissue analysis. This is conducted much like a biopsy, where some of the tissue of the liver is retrieved. The tissue is sent a laboratory then examined under a microscope for damages. A liver biopsy is performed by inserting a long, thin needle through the abdomen and into the liver.

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