5 Easy Steps to Get Work in Canada


A man typing on a computer and looking for a job

5 Steps to Get a Job:

1. Make Yourself Presentable

When you apply to work in Canada, you best believe that you must present yourself like you are worthy of getting a job in one of the best first-world countries. That means that you have to spruce up your online profiles and create the best CV you ever have.

This can be done by keeping your online social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, updated, detailed, and professional. You can also go the extra mile and ask for current or previous superiors and co-workers to endorse your skills on this social networking platform. The same goes for if you are a creative person and have an online profile of your work. If you do not have one, you can create a polished profile on online portfolio tool websites. Alternatively, you can hire a graphic designer on Fiverr or Upwork to help you give Canadian recruiters a glance of your work.

Even if you have not produced a physical product or have proof of your work experience in a photo or video format, apart from creating a good LinkedIn profile to display professionalism, the most important element to make yourself presentable is your CV.

Now, even if you think you do not have what it takes to create a presentable and detailed document that displays your work, education, and a glimpse of your personality and work ethic, with time and effort, you can get it done yourself. Here are some tips on how to do it. If you are really uncertain about how to do it, you can also look at hiring a professional resume designer. There are also many CV creator tools and websites that you can use online.

An additional step to success is to write a brief cover letter about your goals and aspirations to work in your field of work in Canada – Think of it as a letter to introduce yourself as a professional to an employer, and pique their interest with it.

One of the most important elements for a successful job application is to get reference letters from each of your previous employers and mentors (if you have any) and to attach them to your application with your CV.Page break

2. Get a Canadian Work Permit

While not all jobs in Canada require a work permit or study permit, most of them do. This can be applied for by following these three steps:

Step 1: Choose your work permit

To get a work permit in Canada, you need to look at your field of work, which will determine the type of employment you need to apply for. There are two work visas to choose from, which includes:

  • Open work permit – A permit that allows you to work for any Canadian employer.
  • Employer-specific work permit – A permit that allows you to work according to specifications detailed in your work permit. This includes your employer’s name, location of employment and the length of the work permit.

If you have or are immigrating through the Express Entry System, an open work permit is best for you because it allows you to work anywhere in Canada. If you have applied through a Provincial Nominee Program, the employer-specific work permit will be the most suitable for you, as it will allow you to only work for a specific Canadian company.

A work permit can allow you to work in Canada while you are waiting for your permanent residency application to be processed for either an Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program because both offer permanent residency.

Step 2: Check if you are eligible

To be eligible for a work permit in Canada, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have proof that you will leave Canada once your work permit expires
  • Have a clear criminal record
  • Get a health assessment and show that you are in good health
  • Show proof of funds to prove that you can support yourself and your family members for the entire duration of your stay in Canada, as well as when you return home