5 Easy Steps to Get Work in Canada


4. Apply for Jobs that Match Your Career Profile and Experience

This is a very important step because you are far more likely to get a job offer from a Canadian employer if you are qualified and skilled in the role that you apply for.

Given that work experience is one of the main requirements to get a Canadian visa, it is necessary to have relevant work experience in your professional field.

Although education is equally important, companies are especially looking for workers that are experienced to step into a new role and fulfill all the duties expected of them. If you do not have enough work experience, it is wise to first get the experience before applying for a visa. You can surely still apply to work in Canada, but the chances of getting a job will significantly decrease.

5. Live in Canada Before You Get a Job

There are a few ways that you can first live in Canada before you get a job, and this is helpful because it shows that you can sustain yourself in the country before even getting a job.

This can be done with a study permit, which can be used to live and study in Canada, while you look for a job or get a part-time one. Any work experience in Canada can benefit your application for a good, high-paying job in your line of work.

If you are struggling to find a job in Canada, you can also choose the study route, gain some work experience working part-time, and then apply for the job you qualify for the best.