Whatever the reason you can’t make it to the gym for chest day this week. Maybe you car’s broken down. Maybe the weather’s foul. Maybe you just don’t have time. It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you still get your chest workout in. That’s why we’ve come up with these 10 fantastic home chest workouts to help you keep on track to reach those fitness goals.

The Ultimate At-Home Chest Workout for Women - SHEFIT


When you’re working on your chest muscles, you’ll mostly be targeting your pectoralis major and minor muscles, as well as your deltoids. These are the muscles that stretch right across your chest and under your armpits, as well as your shoulders. Before you get started on the main work outs, it’s important to warm up properly in order to prepare yourself and help make sure you don’t get injured.

Start off with some stretches. For example, hook your fingers together behind your back and raise your arms up behind you. Keeping them as straight as possible as you do so. Once you’ve stretched out, try doing some low-intensity dynamic movements. These can include things like gentle press ups against the wall. Anything to get your muscles moving and warm, but without tiring yourself out.

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