The Top 8 Happiest Dog Breeds In The World That Will Make Your Life Better


Adopting a dog is an occurrence that is quite special and memorable. We often try to find all the characteristics we could wish for in a dog before making our choice, for these furry creatures will accompany us every step of the way. There are several dog breeds that are quite suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, there are those that are more often than not compatible with only a select few. As such, when choosing a dog, one has to research their breed of choice very thoroughly to acquaint themselves with its traits, both physical and psychological alike. One has to be aware of their future dog’s potential size, life expectancy, temper, energy levels, shedding, friendliness, and the list goes on.

One of the main characteristics one should look for in a dog is compatibility. By communicating witha dog by detecting a set of physical and verbal cues, you will be able to decide whether a dog is compatible with you or not. Dogs use body language heavily, and they tend to respond to cues very visibly with a wide assortment of reactions that range from growling, raising their hackles, lowering themselves to the ground and so on. Their demeanor is a dead giveaway of their feelings toward you, and the latter will decide whether this dog will make you happy or miserable in the long run.

Each breed has its own language, and you must be aware of the characteristics of each breed so as to better understand them. There is a select set of dog breeds that range from big dogs to the smallest pups that are quite suitable for households, from their shape to their colour, and all the way to their demeanor. To help you find your happy healthy dog, here is a list of unique dog breeds for you.

8. Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are known for being quite smart and caring creatures. They are gentle by nature and fiercely loyal, therefore earning the moniker “The American Gentleman.” This dog breed is definitely not among the big dogs, but they are certainly beautiful with their short, salt and pepper coat that sort of looks like a tuxedo. Proud and slightly strong-headed, they are still very eager to learn and play, or just lounge around for hours.

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